Experience a variety of food and activities around Shonai Town!

  • Shonai
  • 5h〜
  • 〜40km
  • Casual
  • Guided

Experience a variety of food and activities around Shonai Town!

Experience a variety of food and activities around Shonai Town! Cycling around Shonai together with a local guide, first stop by the Kawamura Mochi store to try the famous tochi mochi and kusa mochi! Then pray for safety, health, and wellbeing at Amarume Hachiman Shrine. Along the way visit a long-established soy sauce shop that has been in continuous operation since 1823! Next, bike 11km to a rest stop where you will have lunch at Shonai Windmill Market. Our personal recommendation for lunch is that you try a menu item featuring “Shoyunomi”, a local specialty made lovingly from local Hanabusa soy sauce! The last stop of the course is Cart Solei Mogami River, which has the largest JAF official domestic racing kart track in all of Tohoku with a total length of 1,063 meters! Here you can bring out your inner racer and really put your max speed to the test!

Meet at Shonai Town Classe →(10:00)
Kawamura Mochi Store →(10:10-10:20)
Amarume Hachiman Shrine →(10:40-11:30)
Hanabusa Soy Sauce Shop →(10:40-11:30)
Shonai Roadside Station→(12:20-13:15)
Cart Soleil Mogami River →(14:00-14:30)
Shonai Classe(15:00)

* If the Kawamura Mochi store is closed, change to Amarume bakery (in the Classe)

Course Detail

Available period
April until Early November
Available days
Monday, Friday
Please book at least 3 days before
Minimum number of participants
Minimum 2 people
Tour time
about 5 hours
Bicycle rental, helmet, insurance, guide fee, small souvenir of Hanabusa soy sauce, rice cakes from Kawamura Mochi store (2 pieces)
Not included
Lunch fee
about 24km

Course Story

  • STORY.1

    Meet at Shonai Town Classe

    Distance to this point:0m

  • STORY.2

    Kawamura Mochi Store

    Distance to this point:600m

  • STORY.3

    Amarume Hachiman Shrine

    Distance to this point:300m

  • STORY.4

    Hanabusa Soy Sauce Shop

    Distance to this point:11km

  • STORY.5

    Shonai Roadside Station

    Distance to this point:8km

  • STORY.6

    Cart Soleil Mogami River

    Distance to this point:6km

  • GOAL

    Shonai Classe

【Cancelation Policy】
*For our customer's convenience, cancelation is possible if made far enough in advance however the following outlines our cancelation fee policy

・Within 3 days prior to day of: Free
・Within 2 days prior to day of: 20%
・Within one day prior: 50%
・Day of/no show: 100%

If it is predicted that the tour will be difficult to proceed with due to bad weather such as heavy rain or snow the tour will be canceled. In that case, he will contact you by email by 18:00 the day before with details. Even on the day of the tour, if it is judged that the tour will be dangerous due to bad weather it will be canceled. and in that case no cancellation fee will be charged.