Silk Dyeing and Spiritual Sutra Writing

  • Shonai
  • 3〜5h
  • 〜20km
  • Casual
  • Guided

Silk Dyeing and Spiritual Sutra Writing

Together with a local guide enjoy silk scarf dyeing, learning to write your own traditional Buddhist sutras, and try local matcha while cycling around Shonai Town and Sakata City! The scarf dyeing experience uses local Tsuruoka silk and a traditional method of fabric dyeing that involves a special strain of rice grain known as “Kamenoo”. After that, you will ride your cycle across Shonai Town all the way to Sakata City where you will visit Sokoji Temple which is famous for its elegant mushroom cedar trees. There you will practice writing traditional Buddhist sutras and enjoy matcha while blissfully looking at the scenic garden for artistic direction. 

Meet at Classe (13:15) → 
Scarf Dyeing (13:30-14:30)→ 
Sokoji Temple (15:15-16:05) →  

Course Detail

Experience Period
April until Early November
Please make reservations at least one week prior
Minimum number of participants
Bicycle rental, helmet, insurance, guide fee, experience fee
Total distance
Approximately 14km

Course Story

  • STORY.1

    Meet at Shonai Town Classe

    Meet with your local guide here!

    The Shonai Classe is located in front of Amarume Station and is a newly renovated 80-year-old rice warehouse where tradition meets innovation! Here you can stock up on local souvenirs and snacks at the local market and bakery!


    Silk Scarf dyeing experience

    Using locally produced silk from Tsuruoka, use organic plant-based dyes to give your scarf an elegant and natural look that is soft to the touch! The scarf you made is yours for the keeping and is now a memory that will replay its story each time you wear it!

  • GOAL

    Sokoji Temple

    This beautiful temple of the Buddhist Soto sect is famous for the mushroom cedar that adds an element of grace and natural beauty to the temple grounds. 120 mushroom-shaped “Tsuchiyu cedars” are planted along the 100-meter-long approach to the mountain gate and as such is designated as a historic site and natural monument by the prefecture. Surrounded by nature, enjoy matcha while trying your hand at the sutra-copying experience and peer out over the beautiful Japanese gardens to get a new sense of serenity during each season.

    Address: 8 Sokojisawa, Sakata City, Yamagata PrefectureURL


【Cancelation Policy】
*For our customer's convenience, cancelation is possible if made far enough in advance however the following outlines our cancelation fee policy

・Within 3 days prior to day of: Free
・Within 2 days prior to day of: 20%
・Within one day prior: 50%
・Day of/no show: 100%

If it is predicted that the tour will be difficult to proceed with due to bad weather such as heavy rain or snow the tour will be canceled. In that case, he will contact you by email by 18:00 the day before with details. Even on the day of the tour, if it is judged that the tour will be dangerous due to bad weather it will be canceled. and in that case no cancellation fee will be charged.