Shonai Active Long Course

  • Shonai
  • 3〜5h
  • 〜100km
  • Advanced

Shonai Active Long Course

This is a popular course for local frequent riders and those who have participated in cycling competitions before.

The course is approximately 40km roundtrip and features a gruesomely steep slope with an altitude of over 500m that is sure to put any rider’s physical strength to the test! Since it runs up alongside the mountain stream “Karikawa”, the mountainous environment makes for a suitable route for muscle training as well as a way to challenge one’s own personal limits!

At the end of the uphill ride, you are greeted by spectacular views at the base of Mt. Gassan! The lush nature and incredible view are sure to refresh you and clear your mind before the next leg of your journey!

Feel the wind through your hair as you glide down the mountain! For those with strong personal fitness goals in mind, this area is a local hot-spot for high-speed cruising and sprint training! As you near the end of your journey, fly through Shonai town and take in the breathtaking scenery that can’t be seen anywhere else!

At the end of the day, you will look back at the memories you made while riding by the Mogami River and Shonai plains and feel not only a feeling of accomplishment but also a sense of satisfaction!

Amarume Station→Rest Station Shonai Windmill Market→Kiyokawa Historical Park→Kita-Gassanso→Kumagai Shrine→Cart Solei Mogami River →Amarume Station

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