Title…iMovie video “COVID-19 Infection Preventative Measures” manual is distributed

We have created an easy to use manual so that those who operate tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants, etc. can use their own iPhone / iPad to make videos for to clearly explain Corona countermeasures.
You can easily make videos using iPhone / iPad and free video editing software iMovie.

Creation example:

We would like to thank “Hotel Rich & Garden Sakata” in Sakata City and “Classe” in Shonai for their cooperation in shooting their own example videos. (Photographed in October 2020)

We provide the manual free of charge to businesses in Yamagata Prefecture of whom have been working alongside us and are accepting cyclists. If you wish, please contact us using the inquiry form below(please link).

Please take full advantage of these tools to create your own content that regarding corona infection prevention measures for your business!