Company Profile

The Hidden Japan

Address: 2-26-20 Shinbashi, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture

We are a tourism promotion and travel agency that specializes in sharing the beauty and charm of Yamagata Prefecture to the world! Spectacular as Yamagata Prefecture is, for many foreign visitors the idea of visiting rural Japan can be daunting as language barrier, getting around, and understanding local customs can seem like a lot to handle on one’s own. However through strong cooperation and deep personal ties with local businesses and people in Yamagata Prefecture, we arrange an array of totally unique tours that can’t be experienced anywhere else in Japan or even anywhere else in the world and will change how you see rural Japan! Less than 1% of foreign visitors that visit Japan are willing to venture into the northeast region of Tohoku, much less Yamagata prefecture, and so the intent behind our company name “The Hidden Japan” hopes to convey that although Yamagata may not be the most famous region of Japan overseas, it certainly is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered!

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